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R1) No indication of thermal enhancement or residue or any treatment observed.
R2) Indication of thermal enhancement observed.
R3) Indication of thermal enhancement with residue and/or foreign substance observed.
R4) Foreign substance and/or minor residue observed.
R5) Other treatments observed.
S1) No indication of thermal enhancement or residue or any treatments observed.
S2) Indication of thermal enhancements observed.
S3) Artificial colour diffusion and/or treatment observed.
S4) Foreign substance and/or residue observed.
S5) Other treatments observed.
E1) No indication of thermal enhancement or residue or any treatment observed.
E2) Indication of thermal enhancement observed.
E3) Indication of foreign substance and/or residue observed.
E4) Thermal enhancement with foreign substance and/or residue observed.
E5) Other treatments observed.
Diamond and Gem Laboratories of America, LLC herein clarify the scope, purpose and intended use of this gem and jewelry report.
The DGLA staff is supervised by GG, (GIA) Graduate Gemologists.
DGLA's senior gemologists have years of training and experience and are supervised by a 3rd Generation Diamond expert who holds recognized appraisal association memberships.
All grading has been done as mountings permit and in accordance with GIA terminology.
DGLA has inspected the item appraised or has used a reasonable sample of like items in performing mass appraisals on quality controlled merchandise.
DGLA does not agree to purchase or replace this article.
This report is made for the eventual retail consumer.
A bill of sale with the actual price paid should accompany this report.
DGLA certifies it acted in an independent manner.
DGLA observes current, nationally accepted appraisal guidelines and USPAP requirements.
We have no direct or unreported financial interest in the item appraised.
Our fees are per item and not contingent on outcome.
The report is to be used in its entirety.
Appraisers' opinions vary, as grading is subjective.
This document along with a bill of sale may be adequate for insurance.
However, a more detailed report may be required.
The photograph may be somewhat other than actual size.
The photograph may not be the item you purchased, but of one of an identical type, size and style.
The purpose of this report is limited and stated herein. This report is not for any investment purpose.
No reproduction or publication, in whole or in part, of this report may be made without DGLA's express written permission.
The Product Certified has not been verified or tested for any treatment.